You Give Love a Bad Name

Shot through the heart
And you’re to blame, darlin’
You give love a bad name”
I’m back…and I got me some Bon Jovi fever! Yes, I just typed Bon Jovi.
It’s hard to say you’re back without explaining where you’ve been so let’s just say I had to get lost to find myself. Doesn’t make sense? Well you’re just not smart enough.
Now, onto the content of this post! Today, I feed the stereotype that as a woman I have some obsession with love and alas I present my notions on the topic. Well technically, not every notion, just those that are literary worthy.
NOW I present a connection to the title, for the feeble minds. (Oh! I forgot to list condescending bitch as one of my monikers.)
I believe love was written to be tragic. Everyone says tragedy simply means it was not true love and I say that “everyone” should get their own blog and not leech off mine.
So I present to you the curious case of the serial lover. 

What is a serial lover, you ask? Derived from serial killer, the synonymity is mind boggling. Now really, do I have to type a concise explanation of its meaning? Yes? Really? Very well, a serial lover is a person (mostly male) that seems to fall in love in regular succession without gaps. Well it’s love on the victim’s part but the serial lover soon pounces at the heart, rips it to shreds and proceeds to a fresh prey. That sounded less malevolent in my mind. Case in point; Casanova de Seingalt. For the illiterate, go borrow the movie by Heath Ledger (hint: it’s titled Casanova)

Casanova banged (because there’s no glamorous way of putting it) about 122 women. He apparently had an emotional attachment to all and in spite of all 122; he did find his “great love.” which brings us to the “why” behind their actions; to find love. Plain and simple, so you think. It sounds like a noble cause, I mean every fairytale has a damsel incessantly looking for true love or some crap like that.

 So why the heart break? Well what comes around goes around. (not the other way round) No doubt serial lovers have had their fair share of heart break so I guess it’s only right to serve up some of it to their victim. I’m not saying heart break is justified, I’m saying it’s inevitable. And really wouldn’t you rather have your heart broken by a person simply seeking love rather than a piece of shit out to take a dump on your heart…exactly…no??? well too bad.

and this like all my other posts comes to a premature end (thank God I’m not a man)
moral of the story: you WILL have your heart broken once, twice or thirty times for the intellectually challenged (politically correct term) you can either erase the word from you personal diction OR you can keep your chin up and find some other hopeless soul that can relate to your stupidity and deem it to be love. 

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  • Reply Anonymous September 14, 2011 at 10:31 am

    hmm you have a point right there in one way or another we are all boggled on the love concept and seek everyday to explain it but woe unto us for we understand it a tard too late…..the post rocks….

  • Reply Little Miss Sunshine September 14, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Thank you:)

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