Star Gazing.

are as forlorn as children lost in the woods. When you stand in front of me and
look at me, what do you know of the griefs that are in me and what do I know of
yours. And if I were to cast myself down before you and weep and tell you, what
more would you know about me than you know about Hell when someone tells you it
is hot and dreadful? For that reason alone we human beings ought to stand
before one another as reverently, as reflectively, as lovingly, as we would
before the entrance to Hell.” – Franz Kafka

It’s a wonder…that human
beings have such an affinity for the frivolous and insignificant. So much that
by our own volition, we make what SHOULD be important obscure. Who am I to
judge the superficial, the souls that crave social acceptance or the ones that
are trapped in mental slavery? I boast of freedom but these are the very chains
that suffocate me. To this I ask, “Is there a standard by which we must all
adhere to in determining what is and what is not important?” That would be
absurd…no one man can perfectly resemble another. We are seemingly different
shades of an infinite spectrum. Our existence under one roof, the world, can
only be attributed to a divine being; God. But some way, somehow; two
completely different colours will align to form another that would be
considered neutral: Black or white. Those of the
darkness will align and so will those of the light. And even then, the idea of
separation rings true in our minds. A separation that was never really
intended. So we must find common ground to live in harmony with one another. Then,
and only then, can we use this footing to accept some things as universally
important. Peace and love; the first two that come to mind. We must accept vast
amounts of change to elevate to a level where we can summon the clarity
required to accept that sometimes what is important to the “self” is not
important, in comparison, to the “greater good.” “What is the greater good
here?” you may ask. To that I reply, “Who can know?” I am not qualified to
determine this but I believe the answers inherently exist within us. I have
learnt that sometimes however “great” your love is for someone, that passion
that the greats have tried to articulate, it is not good for them. They are
better off with someone even when they do not see it and you do!
And at the end of the day, only
we have the discretion; we reserve the right to determine what is and what is
not important to us. By this logic, not all love will garner reciprocity. There
will be people we hold in high esteem that will not consider us a priority. And
it is fine. To that I say, “why make time for someone that has none for me?”
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