Cold November.

And then he said…
Come here. Come closer. Be mine and I’ll be yours.
No guarantees, just be mine, before anything else.
And then he said…
Hold my hand; it makes things easier.
We’ll be together forever, just hold my hand.
And then he said…
You are the only one. Brown eyes and sweet lips, you are the only one
The promises will be fulfilled; don’t worry your pretty self.
The words, they are the lies. His words, my demise.
My words they are my soul sacrifice.
And then he said…
I can’t be with you anymore. It’s your fault, your fault not mine.
I wanted forever, don’t believe my actions.
And then she said…
Stay…like you said you would. Like you made me believe.
Even if there’s no truth in it, do it for me.
I am yours, how will anyone else have me.
“I am yours, I am yours,” it echoed in the dark.
The cries that no one will ever hear, never answer.
They fade in the night.
Tomorrow so far, “I am still yours.”

I am attracted to broken men. I found that out today. Broken and dark. Not the bad boy. The bad boy is a cliché, a poser that I have no time for. The men that get my affection are the ones full of misery and pain. Maybe it is a refelction of my own, I honestly do not know. But none the less…I find these beings that are incapable of love; tormented childhoods, broken homes, dark minds that make my knees weak, IT’S INSANE. They are no good, but it isn’t their fault. Don’t they deserve the love that they were never given. But how can they seek what they cannot give? What the world fails to see is how exquisite these beings are. Their pain breeds greatness. Only the strong survive life’s beatings. And it is the broken man that wears his scars with pride. Battle scars of war won. Problem is you do not walk away from war without a screwed up mind. Then there I am…tools in hand, ready to fix it all. Wonder woman, you can say. Perfect equation? I think not. It would be perfect if I never required reciprocity. To give and never receive is an art for the saints, exclusively.
Maybe it’s the passion. People that have endeared pain have this passion that inspires me. It’s twisted. But so am I. in a perfect world, I would long for Clark Kent not Lex Luthor. But it is what is it, not what it should be. So in preparation for the New Year…I am taking up normalcy. GASP! Not completely…ONLY in regard to my love life. My awesomeness has its limits and after 20 years I have learnt that I cannot be the glue that fixes the broken man. I wonder how long will this delusion last?
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  • Reply Sue December 5, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    But Norah:) You never cease to amuse me with your posts. this is just another one.!!

  • Reply Anonymous December 24, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    NORA i'm proud of you!!!!!!!!!! ths is the ishh

  • Reply Nora Kirabo December 25, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Oh Thank you darl:)

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