Carpe Diem

Some of the avid readers were wondering where the weekly “Friday night rant” was. They were starting to muse to themselves; “she’s probably off plagiarizing some unsung writer to fool us the next time she posts something.” BUT I am here on a bright Monday morning (yes I AM posting this on a Wednesday; progress is a slow process) with a dire sleep debt to put them to shame. Although my mind has its limits, I am yet to reach them (on second thought that defeats the purpose of this entry, so in lieu of that I say my mind is unbound.) Before we stir this week’s pot I am somewhat compelled to point out that the previous entry, although truthful, was not literal. I feel somewhat ashamed that a postscript was needed but hey “can’t win ‘em all”.
So, this rule, “carpe diem” is about living each day to the fullest and appreciating each moment. Sadly, most of us don’t. You’ll say you are in no position to do so and to that I say BULLSHIT! You are alive and you are undoubtedly blessed (and reading an awesome blog, ahem.) I am in no position to tell you precisely how to “seize the day” but I’ll try. I absolutely hate lists but this entry demands one so here goes!

§      Say “NO” to pity parties at all costs.
I know; life has been cruel to you. Well who hasn’t it been cruel to? Pity parties are not fun, true to their title; they are pitiful! (Synonymous with this are: wretched, pathetic, miserable, sorry) who wants to be described like that? Life fucked you and you are pregnant with its bastard child and these are your options. One: abort it. Erase all memories of your pain and in so doing cease to acquire any valuable experience or life lesson. Two: keep it. you can go two ways with this one; a) raise a vile creature seeping with all things putrid that will be filled with pure, unadulterated evil and eat away at every ounce of joy in your life OR b) raise a creature that inspires your world and motivates you to get back on the wagon after the hard fall. (Hint: option 2 a) is the right answer to this one)
§      Be you! (cliché but true nonetheless)
If I could ever be anyone it would have to be ME! The desire to be someone else stems from self loathing and an inferiority complex that if further indulged will be a man’s ruin. Sure, be influenced by others but don’t turn into a personality thief (refer to previous blogs for definition.) To be an individual is the greatest thing one can ever muster. It depicts a love for one’s self that if genuinely achieved cannot be taken away by society or whatever organization strives to crush it. As humans, I believe the first thing we can truly earn credit for creating is ourselves. To take time, and an honest effort to build yourself as an individual will grant you joy (terms and conditions apply….on the off side at least you can achieve inner peace from removing conflict with your identity.

§      Silence the world.
At the core, man harbours evil. So WE are to blame for the norms of society. WE are to blame when WE fight what is without a doubt “the right thing” to do and settle for what society has coined as the norm. “Fuck society’s idea of beauty” I read that somewhere and I was overcome with an overpowering urge to high five the author of that statement. You’ll be surprised at how many people stifle their beliefs so as to “fit in” and in so doing resign their hold on joy. Our superficial society sets the yardstick for our perceptions and it’s fucked up. You fight the reflection in the mirror because society says it is not up to par. And honestly that shit will only bring you down. Beauty, like peace, starts from within. If the world doesn’t like it, you might as well as have one person like it (hint: that person is you!) We do not see the world as it is but as we are…on a sad note: we can NOT run away to Narnia!

§      Life is short!
We’ve heard this line over and over again and honestly I don’t buy into it BUT it does have some pros. Life is short ergo you have to seize the day…make the most out of today. This however is not a green light to thinking with your ass. Think, think, think WITH YOUR MIND…I can’t reiterate that enough times. I won’t deny there will be days of unhappiness; it is normal. But it doesn’t hurt to make the most of the happy days. In a totally different yet slightly related point; life is short, don’t use “comic sans”

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  – Mark Twain

§      Above all, have Faith.
In this day and age, religion and faith seem parallel. Religion seems more bureaucratic than spiritual…at least to me it does. But I find that through all this it is God that grants joy like no other. Having faith in Him doesn’t guarantee that your “right now” is perfect but the “tomorrow” is surely promised as a day of happiness in all the authenticity that the world can never offer.

We already ascertained my fear of the 1000 word mark so I’ll leave this list at 5. Feel free to submit some more. If the worst comes to worst, aint no shame in admitting that sometimes all you need is a drink (unless you have a drinking problem which, by default, disqualifies you from that one.) 

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