An Ode To “Us”

“Freeing yourself was
one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” – Toni Morrison,

There is a darkness that
resides in us all.  From the biggest of
wolves to the meekest of sheep. But we are born from light and so our lives are
mapped out to be a war; a war of light trying to extinguish darkness. So we consciously
try to hide our darkness, we keep the darkest secrets and shun any form of
light which seeks to “make us known” to the world. What is unknown to
us is that subconsciously we are trying to find the light that will forever
hold our darkness at bay. We all know this struggle too well but some know it
better than others. They drown their darkness in more darkness.

                 I am born of this:
               “Let the lesser evil shield
the greater one,” I say to myself day                    after day.

I exist to take on others’
darkness so that they can rid themselves of it. So I write about the unknown
boy that is a maverick. How he never let anyone in but me. And when I was there
I run for safety and left him, heart open on the surgery table. I hope that in
print he will become known, at least to himself. And after me he will know
great love.
                  “How can I selfishly deny
him this?”

I know one Wednesday night at about 10:45 pm I
will throw caution to the wind and send a care free Hello. After all, I need a
                  “How can he selfishly deny
me this?”

                   One evil, the greater one shall prevail.

But this time it cannot be
me. I will let his heart rest easy in the hands he chose. Not mine, still fresh
from digging my claws out of him. Nora, he is happy, let this be. Love your
fate even if it is bitter, therein will you find the light to battle your
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